My weekend with the Mothers.

I spent the weekend in Wragby, Lincolnshire, with my Mother Goose and my Mother-Outlaw. And it was wonderful! We did so many of the things. Friday night was rather relaxed and mainly consisted of eating some food and going to bed because that’s how rock ‘n’ roll we are… oh we had Prosecco! That’s always…… Continue reading My weekend with the Mothers.

My solo travels – First stop…York

I enjoy time on my own, I can do as I please, I can eat where I like, I can go where I like and it’s just peaceful and fun. I have also noticed that people are so much nicer to me when I’m alone, as thought they feel sorry for me…which is kind of…… Continue reading My solo travels – First stop…York

VBites Christmas Range

[ReviewDisclaimer] VBites Christmas Range VBites began way back in 1994 and are now one of the UK’s largest specialists in vegan food. They offer a delicious range of meat-free products from deli meats and salmon steaks through to having your full Christmas buffet sorted. Now I know that meat-free is not to everyone’s liking. I…… Continue reading VBites Christmas Range

Booths Christmas Launch – Kendal

[ReviewDisclaimer] It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…at least it is at Booths I attended the Northern Blog Awards back in August and the event was lucky enough to have Booths as one of their sponsors. This meant that we had a tiny sneak peek in to some of their Christmas range and also…… Continue reading Booths Christmas Launch – Kendal

Do you even meal plan?

    Meal plans are nothing new, if you Googled them right now you’d get over 23 million results, 23 million! So there’s plenty out there to look at. Families have had set days for specific meals for years, it’s an excellent time and money saver. As it eliminates this kind of situation… “So what…… Continue reading Do you even meal plan?

Tropical Paradise Preserves

    Simone is the proud creator and owner of Tropical Paradise Preserves. With inspiration from her Barbados and St.Kitts heritage, Simone uses flavours such as mango, lime and ginger, among many others. These incredible flavours are used to create a fusion of tantalising flavours. All items are vegan friendly, dairy and gluten free! The…… Continue reading Tropical Paradise Preserves

Bon appétit

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be…? Well there is actually no specificity to that question, so with that in mind I’m going to choose pizza. That way I can just choose different toppings every day…ha! However, I do realise that eating pizza every day…… Continue reading Bon appétit