My soul mate.

    When I was 12 my life changed forever. I know most people spend their lives searching for their soul mate, that person who just instinctively knows, knows everything before you speak, that person you can live happily ever with. I found mine when I was 12. Don't get me wrong, I then went... Continue Reading →

Poetry rewrite..

  Here is a poem from one of my favourite books of poetry, which I have had since I was a child, The Fireside Book of David Hope 1984. Mary Rebecca has a special friend whom none of us can see, She always gets invited when Rebecca comes for tea; She doesn't like to wash her hands... Continue Reading →

I was stuck…

    I was stuck in a vicious circle. Addicted to people and things that were bad for me. Smoking, drinking. I had poisonous people in my life. They sought only to put me down in order to feel better about themselves. They were making me miserable and I didn't even know it. Every idea... Continue Reading →

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