Colour Your Memories…

Colour Your Memories specialises in the editing and restoration of black and white and vintage photos. Follow the links to their social media sites and check out what they’re up to! ‘Colour Your Memories’ can bring your treasured memories back to life or inject some vibrancy into a forgotten street scene or faded portrait. They…… Continue reading Colour Your Memories…

Kynren 2018

When my friend Sam asked me to go see her perform in Kynren, my first initial reaction was, “Of course I will!” closely followed by, “What the hell is Kynren…?” Sam’s explanation of Kynren went something like this, “It’s a story of the history of England, told on stage through a series of dances”. I…… Continue reading Kynren 2018

Top Withens – Brontë Country

Today we walked along a pathway that was often visited by the Brontë sisters well over 100 years ago. The moors over Haworth were where inspiration was drawn for the many poems and stories written by Charlotte, Emily and Anne. We took the public footpath from Moorside Lane which lead us through wild fields of…… Continue reading Top Withens – Brontë Country

Thornton to Queensbury – The Great Northern Trail

Thornton Primary, previously Royd Mount Middle School, now stands round about where Thornton Station used to be. Years ago, when I attended Royd Mount the access to the viaduct was prohibited. That didn’t stop us sneaking over the fence and making the dangerous walk across all 840 ft of it. These days you don’t have…… Continue reading Thornton to Queensbury – The Great Northern Trail