My house is a mess and I don’t even care…

My inner ‘Monica’ is having a meltdown! (If you don’t get the Monica reference then I suggest that you just go away and reassess your life decisions) If you know me, you will know that I can’t stand mess and when there are dishes piling up in the sink or the laundry bag is almost…… Continue reading My house is a mess and I don’t even care…

House to Home

  I guarantee that there are at least 10 things in your home right now that you could discard, that you don’t use, you don’t like or has been sat in a cupboard for so long you’d forgotten you had and you’ve not even missed it. Why are you hoarding these things? Are they making…… Continue reading House to Home

Just stop being a t**t

As I sat in my bedroom on Saturday night, the only room in which I can just about drown out the insidious din from next door, I was contemplating the many ways to murder the inconsiderate son of our neighbour. I was, however, struck with a realisation. I have tried to think about how worse…… Continue reading Just stop being a t**t

Home Safe Home

Your home doesn’t have to be Fort Knox, and in an ideal world we would all be able to leave our doors and windows wide open whenever we feel like it without worrying about the consequences. Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world and burglars are opportunistic, if they see an easy way in they’ll take…… Continue reading Home Safe Home

His room is done!

        We’re very slowly turning our house in to a home. When I say very slowly, I mean very slowly. We started decorating the troglodytes bedroom months ago. To be honest I severely underestimated the amount of effort and time that was needed to do this. I had planned to do it…… Continue reading His room is done!

Multitasking…no thanks

      When I think of multitasking I immediately think of a woman sitting at her desk; (I found her ⇑) she’s on the phone to an important client who needs this, that and the other done ASAP, she’s also taking down notes about the call or checking something on her computer, which then…… Continue reading Multitasking…no thanks

Getting back on track.

  Here are some snippets from my journal, I’m slowly making my way through the list of 100 journal/blog ideas. Some of them are just obscure and not helpful..such as ‘Take 15 minutes to eat an orange’…Like I’ve got 15 minutes spare to eat anything! Anyway, number 64 was to deface a page of my…… Continue reading Getting back on track.