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What do I want to do?

      Well we all already know that I want to do everything! Again this is one of those moments where I remember David Allen; “You can do anything, not everything” However, just for the sake of it I thought I’d write a few of those things down that I think about doing. Some

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Where do I want to go…?

  Where do I want to go? In short, the answer to that would be ‘everywhere’! Aside from being very expensive, there’s just not enough time to go everywhere. Here is a short list I have compiled, this list is not exhaustive. When it comes to things I want to do, places I want to

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Journey To The River Sea (Review)

This is a children’s book, yes but my son asked my to read it so I did! Maia, our protagonist, is a such a wonderful character, she was definitely the one who captivated me. I was determined for her to be triumphant. And her governess Miss Minton (who I imagined to look like Emma Thompson,

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