Just one day at a time.

I will promote the importance of understanding mental health issues until it is no longer a taboo subject. I will happily stand up in front of people and tell them how I once found it so difficult to leave the house that my Dad had to literally pick me up and carry me in to…… Continue reading Just one day at a time.

Let’s be kind

  One day this Earth on which we stand, this place we call home will eventually cease to exist. It will burn to nothing and take everything with it. Hopefully by then we will have made our way across the stars and on to other worlds, cautious of the destruction we have caused to our…… Continue reading Let’s be kind


Helpfulpeeps is a fantastic movement created by Saf Nazeer and Simon Hills. This wonderful idea is a way to bring communities closer together and restore a bit of faith in humanity. The premise is a fairly simple one; ‘Ask for help when you want and help others when you can’ The aim is to create…… Continue reading Helpfulpeeps.com

Does anyone else hate the word ‘genre’?

    Do you hate that word? Genre.. I don’t personally have a problem with it but I know some people hate it, I presume it’s more to do with how it’s pronounced than the actually word. I’m guessing it’s French, it sounds French and so we pronounce it in French. And sometimes end up…… Continue reading Does anyone else hate the word ‘genre’?

The amazing Alexandra Kay

  I’m fairly certain that Alexandra Kay is the busiest womanย I know. Not only does she work full time at Tesco, Skipton, rallying the troops for fundraising; but also when I contacted her and asked if she would like to feature on my blog she was getting ready to run a Bed and Breakfast for…… Continue reading The amazing Alexandra Kay