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“What’s your USP?”…

  In my very early days of serious blogging I was chatting to a lady about my blog and she asked to see it. I gave her my site address and she had a quick look. She asked me, “What’s your USP?” USP wasn’t a term I was familiar with so I drew a blank.

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What makes me laugh?

    The most ridiculous, unfunny things can make me laugh. I love sarcasm when used in the right way, with the best timing. I love programmes like Friends, Family Guy, American Dad, Parks and Recreation, to name a few. Some of my favourite comedy films are Airplane, Anchorman, Bridesmaids, Bruce Almighty. I love the

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The positive side of anxiety

  This blog post is actually making me slightly anxious as I feel that by writing it I’m setting myself up for a fall. However I write this in jest, I know anxiety isn’t funny. I can’t think of a single time I’ve woken up panicking in the middle of night shouting “Yay! Another panic

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