My weekend with the Mothers.

I spent the weekend in Wragby, Lincolnshire, with my Mother Goose and my Mother-Outlaw. And it was wonderful! We did so many of the things. Friday night was rather relaxed and mainly consisted of eating some food and going to bed because that’s how rock ‘n’ roll we are… oh we had Prosecco! That’s always…… Continue reading My weekend with the Mothers.

What makes me laugh?

    The most ridiculous, unfunny things can make me laugh. I love sarcasm when used in the right way, with the best timing. I love programmes like Friends, Family Guy, American Dad, Parks and Recreation, to name a few. Some of my favourite comedy films are Airplane, Anchorman, Bridesmaids, Bruce Almighty. I love the…… Continue reading What makes me laugh?

Day out in Chester!

I’ve never known much about Chester, other than it being where Hollyoaks is filmed. I was headed there for the day with two of my awesome lady friends so we could meet up with our other awesome lady friend, who happens to live out that way! In the past if I’d planned to visit somewhere…… Continue reading Day out in Chester!

So Saturday…

Hello πŸ™‚ Saturday is supposed to be a singing day for me but today was taken over by something of higher importance. My Nana passed away last November and today we finally started sorting through the 91 years of her life that was tucked away in her little house. My cousin and I have now…… Continue reading So Saturday…

A weekend of adventures!

This last weekend gave me the rare opportunity to spend some time with my son. My boyfriend was working nights and so Christopher and I headed off to find some adventures. The weekend wasn’t without its arguments. That child will Β argue that black is white with me given half the chance. We had fun though,…… Continue reading A weekend of adventures!

Upside Down

On my list of things to do there is ‘Hang upside down for five minutes’. I have actually taken to hanging upside down on my sofa recently, it’s very relaxing. I couldn’t stay like that for five minutes though! I’m thirty two, I don’t think my brain can handle it. The best thing about hanging…… Continue reading Upside Down