“Do you have a plan?”

“I don’t even have a pla…”     I love making plans! In fact I love the planning more than the doing. I get excited about all of these wonderful things I’m going to do, then my anxiety kicks in and I freak out. Well it can sod off. I’m busy this year and anxiety…… Continue reading “Do you have a plan?”

Top 10 Holiday Destinations

  I hope you didn’t come here looking for some big shot recommendation, although I am kind of big deal… 😉 I love a good holiday, who doesn’t? I haven’t actually been on one for a while but I am in love with the idea of it. I don’t really have a favourite holiday type.…… Continue reading Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Are you ready for Summer?

  With a teenager in the house life seems to sometimes revert back to when there was a toddler in the house. Going out anywhere takes four times longer than it should. Conversation has been reduced to a series of noises and bedtime is a nightmare, needing military precision planning and bribery. I know things…… Continue reading Are you ready for Summer?

10 Things I Believe

 I believe that there is someone for everyone. (Unless you are evil. Then you don’t deserve happiness. Or your ‘someone’ is also evil, you find each other and die painfully in a fire together). I believe that it is impossible to ever truly know someone. I believe that one day there will be absolute proof…… Continue reading 10 Things I Believe