‘So, what do you do?’

Well… I hate being asked what I do for a living, not because I have a problem telling people I’m a cleaner but because that’s not the only thing I do and telling people all my other stuff is a great way to get it seen, read, watched etc. But it’s a whole boring, garbled…… Continue reading ‘So, what do you do?’

Just some Haikus

  I enjoy writing Haiku’s. They seem so simple because you have an easy set of rules to stick to but it gets harder and harder. Especially if you want them to make some sort of sense. I could write total gibberish to be honest and sometimes I might. Wednesdays from now on will be…… Continue reading Just some Haikus

My Vision Board

Hello! I am on a mission to fill my life with all of the things that I have been wanting for myself since forever! I am currently bossing the s**t out of my life through the Bossing It AcademyΒ with Holly Matthews and Caroline Hardwick. So here is my vision board, which is basically something I…… Continue reading My Vision Board

Don’t live for today, live for your life.

I cannot see the future, I don’t dwell on the past, Our lives are in the present, but the present doesn’t last.   Today is quickly forgotten, Tomorrow a heartbeat away, Stop wishing that time would move faster, Keep focused, you’re here today.   Don’t stay in the moment, it’s fleeting, Think bigger and seize…… Continue reading Don’t live for today, live for your life.