If you’re going through hell…

  ‘If you’re going through hell my dear, just keep going’.* Do not stop to dwell on your surroundings. Your current hell is not where you belong, a beautiful paradise is waiting for you. And although the perfection that awaits will ultimately fade and your hell will rear its ugly head once more, just remember…… Continue reading If you’re going through hell…

Accomplishing my goals, one by one.

  I’ve only gone and done it. I have written and published a book. This is something that I have dreamt and fantasised about for years. Yes, I fantasise about having books published…so what? I know it doesn’t come with Β£50,000 advance or a fancy book tour or signings in huge shopping centres but it…… Continue reading Accomplishing my goals, one by one.

A real life Mermaid?! It’s Sophie the Mindset Mum

          Sophie dreams of being a mermaid and she’d like to teach the world to swim. Not content with being Mum, swim teacher and almost mermaid, Sophie is also on a mindset mission and hopes to rid the world of negative thinking with her positive vibes and the Law of Attraction.…… Continue reading A real life Mermaid?! It’s Sophie the Mindset Mum

“I’ll do it later”

      “I’ll do it later” I know exactly what I mean when I say ‘I’ll do it later’. It usually means ‘I have no interest in doing that so I’ll put it off until it goes away’ (which it doesn’t). Those things are usually along the lines of washing up, laundry, drying my…… Continue reading “I’ll do it later”

Darkness – The all consuming

      The pain cuts through you without any warning sign. An invisible force has presented itself in front of you. You can’t see it but you sure as hell can feel it. There’s no way around it, through it or over it. It torments and taunts without even uttering a sound. You can…… Continue reading Darkness – The all consuming

Who Is Holly Matthews?

Holly Matthews is an actress, blogger, vlogger, Mumpreneur, self-confessed hustler and all around good guy. Although Holly’s job title may have changed many times she was first employed as an Β actress at the tender age of 11. She starred in some of Britain’s favourite shows such as, Byker Grove, Waterloo Road, The Bill, Doctors and…… Continue reading Who Is Holly Matthews?

You ARE in control.

  Why do we do things that cause us such heartache? Why do we listen to that song when we know it makes us cry? Or watch that movie when we know it turns us in to a gibbering wreck? Why do watch repeats of our favourite finished shows knowing full well we’re going to…… Continue reading You ARE in control.