My anxiety is not your anxiety

  and vice versa.   Don’t automatically assume that just because I’m able to do things that you can’t that your anxiety issues are worse than mine. You have zero idea how much effort it takes for me to do to things and how much it hurts to do things too. You should also not…… Continue reading My anxiety is not your anxiety

How I handle my anxiety attacks.

    You don’t know exactly what the outcome will be. You just believe that your actions are going to be the cause of terrifying disaster. It’s a feeling of severe doom. A feeling that sends an icy chill down your spine and freezes your feet to the spot. The only emotion that you can…… Continue reading How I handle my anxiety attacks.

Get a proper job…

  …but I’m a blogger!   I love being a blogger. I write things down and people read it. That is my life and I love it. I am aware that not many people ‘get it’. “What is a blog?” “What do you do?” “Why not just get a proper job?” “I don’t get it?”…… Continue reading Get a proper job…

What if…

        Have I spoken to you today? Yesterday? Last week, month, year? Ever? If so, do you even remember the conversation we had? Because I probably will. I won’t remember every conversation and definitely not every word. I’m not Sheldon Cooper. I over analyse all of the interactions I have throughout the…… Continue reading What if…

The positive side of anxiety

  This blog post is actually making me slightly anxious as I feel that by writing it I’m setting myself up for a fall. However I write this in jest, I know anxiety isn’t funny. I can’t think of a single time I’ve woken up panicking in the middle of night shouting “Yay! Another panic…… Continue reading The positive side of anxiety

Introvert or Anxiety Disorder?

I was reading a list of traits of an introvert and was asked to rank them in order of importance to me. As I read through the list I realised I had a scenario for nearly every item. Most of these scenarios were insane yet completely plausible to me. So…here goes, here are some of…… Continue reading Introvert or Anxiety Disorder?

Don’t Panic

    Friday, Friday, Friday! Friday’s are my day off, although ‘day off’ is a bit of a stretch. Yes it is my day off from my place of work but it usually gets filled up with cleaning, sorting, running errands that sort of thing. There is an occasional ‘screw this’ day and I’ll get…… Continue reading Don’t Panic