The canal is my friend…so what.

  I wouldn’t ordinarily be on the canal in the dark because it is a rather scary place, however on this particular day I had walked in to Shipley and didn’t take in to account that it would be getting dark by the time I walked home…   But! I was brave and I didn’t…… Continue reading The canal is my friend…so what.

Kerry Burnside – Photographer

    Kerry is an awesome photographer based in West Yorkshire. He specialises in wedding photography and family photo shoots. He has this infallible ability to capture those fleeting moments, the ones that many others might not notice. His work is exceptional, see for yourself here. A photographers job isn’t purely about taking photos, anyone with…… Continue reading Kerry Burnside – Photographer

Sunday :)

My newly found writing plan says I have to have 500 words written for my novel today. Well it does help if I had made a decision on which novel I am going to start with. I have four ideas kicking around in my head at present so I’ve been doing some brain-storming today to…… Continue reading Sunday 🙂