I was on the radio!

Hello you lovely peoples! David Driver, Drystone Radio, hosts a wonderful show called The Writer’s Bookshelf every Tuesday at 7 pm, they have book reviews, short stories, poetry readings and author interviews. I met David at the UK Indie Lit Fest earlier this year and he invited me down to Drystone Radio to read out…… Continue reading I was on the radio!

Wednesday Haiku’s

  Grab the paper now, Set the story flowing free Read all about it! Sprinkle fairy dust And think a happy thought now, You’re doing it Peter! Unidentified, Tricholomataceae, Animosity. The peaceful night-time Invaded by my dark thoughts When will I be free?   Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. …… Continue reading Wednesday Haiku’s

Wednesday Haiku’s

  Watch the sunshine fade, The remnants of the day, Gone without a trace. The mirror shows truth. A reflection cannot hide. A story, so sad. Sweet sticky buns, A tasty treat for tea-time Sugary goodness.   Running, running, fast You will not escape from me, Keep on running, fast.   With a cup of…… Continue reading Wednesday Haiku’s

My Blog Plan

  Hello! So far, my blog posts have been pretty sporadic, not that there’s anything wrong with that. When inspiration strikes, it strikes! However my goal is to post every day, to write every day and I believe that if you have a goal you should tell people. It helps with accountability. Apparently it is…… Continue reading My Blog Plan

Just some Haikus

  I enjoy writing Haiku’s. They seem so simple because you have an easy set of rules to stick to but it gets harder and harder. Especially if you want them to make some sort of sense. I could write total gibberish to be honest and sometimes I might. Wednesdays from now on will be…… Continue reading Just some Haikus


I wish the rain would comfort me each time I shed a tear,  if this were so, we’d all be drowned within the year. There is no way to hold  them back, the fear and pain push through, the emotions cloud my thoughts, the tears obscure my view. For a moment I catch the sunshine,…… Continue reading Sadness

Happy Birthday Mr Pants!

My son is officially a teenager! Or at least he will be at 2:32am. I have a teenage son. It’s quite unbelievable. We’ve been witness to the mood swings and general grumpy-teenage-horribleness for a fair few months now so we can’t wait for it to get in to full swing! Well to commemorate his birthday…… Continue reading Happy Birthday Mr Pants!