Your friends are not your fans…

I’m going to get straight to the point. Your friends and family are NOT your customers, fans or followers. It seems like the easy option at first and actually sounds like a brilliant idea. You have set up your business, you have a website, social media site, business cards. You have the best feeling about…… Continue reading Your friends are not your fans…

Week One done!

  We’re already an entire week in to May. Which can mean only one thing. My first challenge of this month is over. I had decided to get up at 6 a.m for a week just to see if I could and to see if I could benefit from this in any way. My first…… Continue reading Week One done!

What am I doing?

        I have been deciding on different things to do each month of this year and probably beyond.I’d like some new and exciting things to take part in, get involved in, go different places, eat different things, just try things out really. Some months will just be little things that I can…… Continue reading What am I doing?

Progress Day Bossing It! Week 3

  Well I have made it to the end of week three, the halfway point! I feel as though I have made major progress since the end of week two. In only seven days  I have achieved so much. I have become more aware of what is stopping me going out there and getting what…… Continue reading Progress Day Bossing It! Week 3