Who is Chris.A.Turnbull?

Ahhh Chris Turnbull the fabulous author who adores Whitby and who makes everyone feel at ease with his infectious smile. I once had a dream where I sacrificed a goat in his oven.. and no that isn’t a euphemism… Chris Turnbull was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, before moving to Leeds with his family. He…… Continue reading Who is Chris.A.Turnbull?

Kerry Burnside – Photographer

    Kerry is an awesome photographer based in West Yorkshire. He specialises in wedding photography and family photo shoots. He has this infallible ability to capture those fleeting moments, the ones that many others might not notice. His work is exceptional, see for yourself here. A photographers job isn’t purely about taking photos, anyone with…… Continue reading Kerry Burnside – Photographer

Desert island

It’s a common dinner party/ice breaker question, ‘What one item would you have to have  with you on a desert island?’. People say things like a radio. my phone, an endless supply of books (that’s actually a good one because once you’ve read them you can use them as kindling, as sacrilegious as that is!)…… Continue reading Desert island

So many questions..!

Full Name: Katherine Louise Hames. Zodiac Sign: Libra. 3 Fears: Wasps, zombies, the dark. 3 Things I love: So many things! Doggies, ducks, sleep, writing, sunshine. My best friend: Hayley. Last song I listened to: It was something in the car… I think it was Fools Gold – Stone Roses Switch on: Anything to do with crime… Bones,…… Continue reading So many questions..!