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That’s your advice? Really…?

I see these really annoying posts all of the time on social media, generally Facebook. They are sponsored posts usually advertising to me because a friend of mine likes their page… Well, I haven’t liked your page so I don’t want to see your stupid article… anyway, the ones that really rile me are usually

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“Relationships are hard work”…

…no they are not!   “You need to be prepared to work at a marriage” “It’s not all plain sailing” “It’s not all rainbows and butterflies”   Take your pick from the absolute balderdash relationship advice that people dole out so freely. I don’t believe that relationships are hard work, I think this is something

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Meet my teenager…

  Spending time with my son was never a difficult concept until he started secondary school. It has become increasingly more difficult to find things that we’ll both enjoy, the gap between us was starting to get increasingly bigger. This is understandable, I get it. I’d happily sit and build Lego models or do some

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You Spin Me Right Round.

Well, what can I say? We go way back, 5 or 6 years? The relationship, I feel, is very one sided. You’re not particularly verbal. I sometimes feel as though you’d drop me in an instant if another suitor came along at any time. I must admit that that is understandable, it is common knowledge

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