That’s your advice? Really…?

I see these really annoying posts all of the time on social media, generally Facebook. They are sponsored posts usually advertising to me because a friend of mine likes their page… Well, I haven’t liked your page so I don’t want to see your stupid article… anyway, the ones that really rile me are usually…… Continue reading That’s your advice? Really…?

“Respect your elders”

                                                                              ‘Respect should be earned, not expected’       Getting children to do as they are…… Continue reading “Respect your elders”

The worlds gentle giants

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” – Edmund Hilary Who doesn’t love mountains? The first mountain I ever climbed very nearly killed me. Well it at least very nearly made me pass out. It was on a school trip, either to Ned Nook or Humphrey Head. I would have been 11/12 or 16…… Continue reading The worlds gentle giants

Utterly Disgraceful

  It’s no wonder the Spanish despise us so much. On our latest holiday to Estepona it truly was an embarrassment to be British. We witnessed so many children disrespecting their surroundings and the environment. Breaking bits off rocks to take home as memorabilia, even killing jellyfish! We saw a group of teenagers, who really…… Continue reading Utterly Disgraceful