2018 – What did I learn…

And what did I achieve? 2018 started off quite turbulent and pretty shit to be honest but it slowly got better, then it turned to shit again but actually turned out to be a decent year. And definitely ended on a high! Sound familiar? Life is full of ups and downs. It’s not all plain…… Continue reading 2018 – What did I learn…

North Pole Adventure

Review Disclaimer: I received compensation in the form of tickets to the event. All views and opinions stated in this review are my own. I have not been given any statements to use from The National Forest Adventure Farm or anyone associated with them.   No Christmas is complete without a visit to see Santa,…… Continue reading North Pole Adventure

Screamfest 2018

[ReviewDisclaimer]   It’s going to be a scream!   I was very kindly invited back to Screamfest this year and I honestly can’t thank them enough. Not only for the invitation but for the awesomeness of the evening. I was ever so slightly more terrified than last year because I knew what to expect, or…… Continue reading Screamfest 2018

Tropic Skincare Collection – This stuff is good enough to eat, trust me I’ve tried it…

  Tupperware parties are a thing of the forgotten past, now we have candles and sex toys and don’t get me wrong, I love to sniff the candles and who doesn’t love a good dildo? But when you’ve sniffed one candle, you’ve sniffed them all and frankly I’m growing tired of holding a vibrator to…… Continue reading Tropic Skincare Collection – This stuff is good enough to eat, trust me I’ve tried it…

Sunday Rundown

I feel like I haven’t done a Sunday Rundown for ages! There’s always lots going on so I have lots to choose from here and there’s been much organising and planning going on in my head recently. I have so many projects and ideas to fill next year with. I know I’m going to be…… Continue reading Sunday Rundown

Sunday Rundown

    Oh it’s been a funny old week but one of great planning and lots of new ideas. I have blog ideas coming out of my ears and I’ve started studying again. There’s so much going on from now until Christmas, I’m looking forward to a rest in January but it’s going to be…… Continue reading Sunday Rundown

Monday Rundown

    I’m doing my weekly rundown on Monday this week because yesterday was all about Screamfest!   So here we go… I enjoyed a hilarious games night last Sunday with awesome peoples. I faced my fears by rescuing a giant, ugly, black wasp from my Mum’s house. I faced even more fears by attending…… Continue reading Monday Rundown