How are you sleeping? Do you pay much attention to your sleep? Do you have a routine? I am very much open to suggestions, please give me your ‘sleep advice’. I have a very strange relationship with sleep. It’s actually very much a love/hate relationship. IĀ  hate having to go to sleep but I also…… Continue reading Zzzzzz…

“Of course I run, it’s good zombie training”

  Some of you may laugh but I’ll be ready when they come.Ā  “Rule #1 Cardio”   I am not and never will be, a gym bunny. My 2018 will not be starting off with false promises of gym membership and how I’m going to be there before work, after work and all weekend. I…… Continue reading “Of course I run, it’s good zombie training”

You Spin Me Right Round.

Well, what can I say? We go way back, 5 or 6 years? The relationship, I feel, is very one sided. You’re not particularly verbal. I sometimes feel as though you’d drop me in an instant if another suitor came along at any time. I must admit that that is understandable, it is common knowledge…… Continue reading You Spin Me Right Round.

Timeline of my day :)

  The timeline of my day really depends on what day it is. Mon – Thurs consists of boring things, particularly me going to work, Chris going to work (not Thursday) and shipping Pants off to school. (That’s my child not some random pants..he’s not called Pants, he’s called Christopher, but not the Chris that…… Continue reading Timeline of my day šŸ™‚