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I may have just cured my anxiety…

    Okay listen up everyone, I may have made some sort of awesome scientific breakthrough… I have severe anxiety problems. I’m paranoid, stupid things scare me or make me panic, such as zombies, the dark, conversations I had 12 years ago, conversations I had 2 minutes ago, giving off the wrong impression, giving the

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Paranormal Investigation – Is the truth out there?

  Spirits, ghosts, apparitions, haunting, visits, whatever word you want to use and whether or not you believe any of it, paranormal investigation or ‘ghost-hunting’ is very real and growing ever popular. The investigation of the paranormal is a pseudoscience, basically something which is scientifically plausible but as of yet has no scientific proof. Personally

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The only release…..

    Your face it fills me with such feeling, A dread that drills and drums, A shaking sweat, spills out, I’m kneeling Until my saviour comes. Your touch it terrifies me to tears, A horror that’s hell not healing, A fumbled fall that releases fears A nightmare still unreeling. I’ll sit and suffer, supressed

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