What makes you, you?

      Earlier this week I attended the funeral of a lady whom I had never met. I was there to accompany my Mum, I don’t just randomly turn up at strangers funerals. I must admit I was rather perturbed by the prospect of sharing this personal experience with people who before that day,…… Continue reading What makes you, you?

Brontë Vintage Gathering 2017

  We have had a relaxing Sunday out with friends and family at the Bronte Vintage Gathering. We started our day off right with a hot dog and a cup of tea, then spent the afternoon strolling around sampling the delights that were on offer this year. We marveled at the awesome vintage cars that…… Continue reading Brontë Vintage Gathering 2017

Gentle and quiet spirit.

  Whenever I am in my car I will have music playing or the radio on. Well today I decided to switch off all the noise and I drove home in silence. I was driving over the tops, passing lots of fields and sheep and not much else. I had my windows down so I…… Continue reading Gentle and quiet spirit.