Christmas Events

  (I have not received compensation for this post) Are you well and truly getting in to the Christmas spirit? Do you already have your tree up? (Are you mad?) Are there chestnuts already roasting on your open fire? If you’re still feeling like a bit of a Scrooge and you just can’t quite find…… Continue reading Christmas Events

Charity shop treasures and pancakes.

I found myself with some free time on Friday and thought what better way to spend it than going for lunch with two of my favourite ladies. We met in Costa in Skipton and had a quick cup of tea and laughed at my friends son for being adorably cute and saying “hiya” to everything.…… Continue reading Charity shop treasures and pancakes.

Many in 1

  I keep promising myself that I will post to my blog in a more structured fashion, unfortunately life just gets in the way! It’s been a mixed bag of a weekend (well two weekends! I really need to get organised) so I’m going to squish everything in together. I’ve managed to get three of…… Continue reading Many in 1

Weekly Shop…

  Here is my ever so exciting list of ‘my purchases within the last week’! 🙂 Mars and Malteser slice (yummy) Walnuts, cream cheese, margarine. Charity shop blankets for the Ratties! Tote bag for my Mummy. Post-it notes and marker pens. Chocolate cookies Milk of magnesia Paracetamol A meal in a restaurant Several alcoholic drinks…… Continue reading Weekly Shop…