Bush-Craft Survival Day (aka Zombie prep)

    As part of my new “get yourself out there and do stuff” attitude, I booked myself on to a Bush-Craft Survival course with Yorkshire Dales Bush-Craft. This one in particular took place in Skipton Woods, which, to be honest, is an incredible place to have a wander around in just for the sake…… Continue reading Bush-Craft Survival Day (aka Zombie prep)

The King of the theatre.

    If you have ever visited  The Mart Theatre you may have noticed a strange man scuttling about, a wild look in his eyes as though he is on the prowl, most likely looking for chocolate. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you had just encountered a reincarnation of David Bowie, unfortunately it’s just Andy…… Continue reading The King of the theatre.

Charity shop treasures and pancakes.

I found myself with some free time on Friday and thought what better way to spend it than going for lunch with two of my favourite ladies. We met in Costa in Skipton and had a quick cup of tea and laughed at my friends son for being adorably cute and saying “hiya” to everything.…… Continue reading Charity shop treasures and pancakes.

The amazing Alexandra Kay

  I’m fairly certain that Alexandra Kay is the busiest woman I know. Not only does she work full time at Tesco, Skipton, rallying the troops for fundraising; but also when I contacted her and asked if she would like to feature on my blog she was getting ready to run a Bed and Breakfast for…… Continue reading The amazing Alexandra Kay