Mental illness and euthanasia – My thoughts

        If a dog is terminally ill we do the kindest thing and we have our dear friend put to sleep, the same goes for cats, guinea pigs, rats or even gerbils. We cannot bear to see them in pain and so we say our goodbyes and allow them to leave in... Continue Reading →

It’s not selfish.

              'Suicide is a lot of things, but selfish isn't one of them. Suicide is a decision made out of desperation, hopelessness, isolation and loneliness. The black hole that is clinical depression is all-consuming. ... But the soul-crushing depression that envelops them leaves them feeling like there is no alternative.'... Continue Reading →

The only release…..

    Your face it fills me with such feeling, A dread that drills and drums, A shaking sweat, spills out, I’m kneeling Until my saviour comes. Your touch it terrifies me to tears, A horror that’s hell not healing, A fumbled fall that releases fears A nightmare still unreeling. I’ll sit and suffer, supressed... Continue Reading →

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