Our Summer

(and when I say ‘Our Summer’ I mean ‘My Summer’ because we all know that if Chris and Christopher were left to sort it we would be doing nothing… or maybe we’d be playing Fortnite, eating cheese and drinking tea…)   Last year I was rubbish with the Summer planning, I thought we could wing…… Continue reading Our Summer

Prince of Wales Park

Alongside some garages near our house there is a public footpath which leads you up on to Gilstead Moor. We first discovered this trail when we moved here nearly two years ago. It’s a short walk to a beautiful view of Bingley and beyond. You can see all across the top of St.Ives and all…… Continue reading Prince of Wales Park

More Summer adventures: Caving and ice-cream

        On Thursday we took a trip to the longest show cave in Britain, White Scar Cave. The tour lasts about 80 minutes and shows you some incredible sights, from stalactites and stalagmites that are over 100,000 years old to a cavern that is one of the largest in Britain. White Scar…… Continue reading More Summer adventures: Caving and ice-cream

Summer Adventures! Malham Cove

    Malham Cove is a geologists dream with it’s unusual limestone pavements, creating clints (limestone blocks) and grykes (the gaps in between), these are quite unusual formations for England. It really is an astonishing place to visit, entirely peaceful and so beautiful. A huge waterfall once cascaded over Malham Cove, a magnificent sight that…… Continue reading Summer Adventures! Malham Cove

Are you ready for Summer?

  With a teenager in the house life seems to sometimes revert back to when there was a toddler in the house. Going out anywhere takes four times longer than it should. Conversation has been reduced to a series of noises and bedtime is a nightmare, needing military precision planning and bribery. I know things…… Continue reading Are you ready for Summer?