Weekly Highlights!

    Well the weeks are just flying by and they’re getting busier and busier! It’s slightly unsettling that I am seeing more and more people putting their Christmas trees up already..it’s November you loonies! Our tree will not be up until at least the 2nd week of December. I always tend to start these…… Continue reading Weekly Highlights!

My Weekly Review…

    This week has mainly been about me getting organised for December. I need to be so way ahead of myself it’s just outrageous. I’ve made a good start, I just need to keep up with it 🙂   I’ve caught up with my studies! I’m now up to date and not 4 weeks…… Continue reading My Weekly Review…

Sunday Rundown

I feel like I haven’t done a Sunday Rundown for ages! There’s always lots going on so I have lots to choose from here and there’s been much organising and planning going on in my head recently. I have so many projects and ideas to fill next year with. I know I’m going to be…… Continue reading Sunday Rundown

Sunday’s Rundown

    My highlights for this week are as follows 🙂   I have pushed myself way out of my comfort zone this week, it may have resulted in several headaches and a migraine but eventually my brain will handle it better. I have laughed, lots. Mainly due to using voice notes on WhatsApp. A…… Continue reading Sunday’s Rundown

Sunday Round-Up

    Well this has been a funny week, again. I don’t cope well with being off work, you just always feel guilty don’t you? No matter how justified your time off is. I’ve been resting and making sure I don’t accidentally do some bench pressing and other strenuous activity. It’s slightly driving me insane…… Continue reading Sunday Round-Up

Highs and unfortunate lows

  I really don’t like to focus on the lows, I like to keep positive and look for the best bits of every day. However you can’t appreciate the good times without the bad. It’s been a funny and uncomfortable week. I’ve sustained an inexplicable injury to my shoulder and I am currently on some…… Continue reading Highs and unfortunate lows

Weekly rundown!

It’s not been great this week if I’m honest. You’ve got to take the highs with the lows though yeah? It can’t all be plain sailing and rainbows! Unfortunately I have spent the majority of the week not being able to move due to a pulled muscle in my neck. So lots of dihydro-codeine and…… Continue reading Weekly rundown!