Weekly Review

      Well the weeks just seem to be getting shorter and shorter, 2018 is so close I can almost smell it. It’s Christmas tomorrow and I’ve never felt less Christmassy. Every year I tell myself that next year will be the year that the house is transformed in to a Winter Wonderland (it…… Continue reading Weekly Review

Wear fake nails, not a fake smile.

  The Law of Attraction is a simple one, basically it says whatever you put out there you will receive back. So if you’re constantly bitter, pessimistic, sad, moany and just generally not a bucket full of sunshine you’re probably going to feel like bad things just always happen to you. When you’re smiley you…… Continue reading Wear fake nails, not a fake smile.


  I was practically bed ridden last week due to a horrible virus that made it feel like the room was spinning every time I stood up. In order to alleviate my boredom and stop me from going crazy I thought I would watch Dr Who from the beginning. When I say the beginning I…… Continue reading Timey-Wimey…

Would it surprise you?

    What could I tell you about me that might surprise you? It seems to shock people when I tell them I’m a singer and a writer, but if you follow me on Facebook or follow my blog you’ll already know those things about me. I honestly don’t know. Would it surprise you to…… Continue reading Would it surprise you?

So many questions..!

Full Name: Katherine Louise Hames. Zodiac Sign: Libra. 3 Fears: Wasps, zombies, the dark. 3 Things I love: So many things! Doggies, ducks, sleep, writing, sunshine. My best friend: Hayley. Last song I listened to: It was something in the car… I think it was Fools Gold – Stone Roses Switch on: Anything to do with crime… Bones,…… Continue reading So many questions..!

Things I love (There’s a lot of stuff)

    I was once told that I use the word ‘love’ too often and if it was said too much it lost it’s meaning. Well b***s to that! I love lots of things. Plus, the word ‘love’ just rolls nicely off the tongue, ‘like’ is too much effort 😛   So here is my…… Continue reading Things I love (There’s a lot of stuff)

10 habits of mine.

There are 11 definitions of the word ‘habit’ on Dictionary.com. I’ve chosen 1 and 4 to use here. Habit; an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become involuntary. a dominant or regular disposition or tendency; prevailing character or quality I grind my teeth. I tense my shoulders. I crack my knuckles. I chew…… Continue reading 10 habits of mine.