My 2019 Plan!

We all know that I love to plan. I’m the master of planning. I am the Planinator, Planatron? She-Plan, Plan-Woman! And lots of other planning-isms… Therefore I obviously have a plan for 2019. I am positive that it will not be as intense as last year, I really should look at slowing down and finding…… Continue reading My 2019 Plan!

Thornton to Queensbury – The Great Northern Trail

Thornton Primary, previously Royd Mount Middle School, now stands round about where Thornton Station used to be. Years ago, when I attended Royd Mount the access to the viaduct was prohibited. That didn’t stop us sneaking over the fence and making the dangerous walk across all 840 ft of it. These days you don’t have…… Continue reading Thornton to Queensbury – The Great Northern Trail

Are you okay?

  How are you really? Do you ask yourself that often enough? We use it as a greeting, probably every day. “Hi, how are you?” “I’m good thanks, how are you?” And so on and so forth. We need to be checking how we are every now and again, I mean really checking. We get…… Continue reading Are you okay?

My Top 5 Inspirational Films

  As I’ve been working on my mindset recently and taking time out for myself, I’ve been meditating, reading, writing and I’ve also been switching off and losing myself in films. This got me thinking about my ‘Top 5s’. So here we have 5 films that have inspired me in the past or that I…… Continue reading My Top 5 Inspirational Films

Sidewalk pickings.

*Spoiler alert* If you haven’t seen ‘The Thin Red Line’, starring everybody! Then you may want to close your eyes, major spoiler alert. Also get over it, the film came out in 1998, in fact the original was 1964, where have you been?! I’m trawling my way through these blog ideas. I’ve not been doing…… Continue reading Sidewalk pickings.

To run or not to run…

    Now anyone that knows me knows I love walking, I’ve walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks four times and the National Three Peaks once, I even attempted to walk the Leeds/Liverpool Canal from one end to the other with a couple of friends (that’s 127 miles and a quarter, in case you were wondering)…… Continue reading To run or not to run…