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I had a dream…

  We all dream, whether or not we remember our dreams is a different matter. I always assumed that everyone had weird, f**ked up dreams. I’ve never had a dream that was just normal. Something bizarre, terrifying or just weird usually happens. I only started thinking about it when I heard someone refer to their

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Role Models

Do we choose our role models or do our role models choose us? Is there something in our sub-conscious mind that seeks out a certain kind of person? Is it already predetermined that we are going to be a specific type of person or are our behaviours and connections learned early on? Do we already

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A couple of words with author C.S. Evans – She’s a bit odd…

Clair Evans, author of ‘The Soul Conductor’; a fantasy novel with some beautifully created characters and a gripping story-line that has the perfect mix of satisfaction and still leaving you wanting more. Clair has also published several short stories with the e-book publishers ‘Cafe Three Zero’ The sequel to her debut novel is on hold for the

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Paranormal Investigation – Is the truth out there?

  Spirits, ghosts, apparitions, haunting, visits, whatever word you want to use and whether or not you believe any of it, paranormal investigation or ‘ghost-hunting’ is very real and growing ever popular. The investigation of the paranormal is a pseudoscience, basically something which is scientifically plausible but as of yet has no scientific proof. Personally

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Keith and the stapler…

I love the way it feels when I’m the first one in at work in the morning. I’m in charge when nobody else is there, I’m the King of the Castle. I can do whatever I please and most days what I please is snooping. Snooping in desk drawers, especially Janine’s, I’d love to get

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100 uses for a tin can!

I’m going to be trying out some new blog ideas from a list of random things to do. I will put the list up eventually. The Haiku’s and Letter To My Future Self were also part of this. I’m pretty excited about it because there are a load of cool things, most of which I’ve

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