My world…

  ...or not.   I love my darling son more than anything in this Universe and I will protect, defend and help him for as long as I am able. He is more precious to me than any thing else. Which I'm sure is the case for most parents and their own children. There is... Continue Reading →

Let’s be kind

  One day this Earth on which we stand, this place we call home will eventually cease to exist. It will burn to nothing and take everything with it. Hopefully by then we will have made our way across the stars and on to other worlds, cautious of the destruction we have caused to our... Continue Reading →


      I am grateful for ducks and dogs because they make me smile.   I am grateful for the trees because they provide us with oxygen and they are beautiful.   I am grateful for electricity because without it I couldn't watch Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, 24 etc...   I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

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