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Get a proper job…

  …but I’m a blogger!   I love being a blogger. I write things down and people read it. That is my life and I love it. I am aware that not many people ‘get it’. “What is a blog?” “What do you do?” “Why not just get a proper job?” “I don’t get it?”

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My Top 5 Inspirational Films

  As I’ve been working on my mindset recently and taking time out for myself, I’ve been meditating, reading, writing and I’ve also been switching off and losing myself in films. This got me thinking about my ‘Top 5s’. So here we have 5 films that have inspired me in the past or that I

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Sunday’s are my fun days!

Hello! I’ve been busy today making my intro videos for my blog and my YouTube channel. It’s been hard work and a little bit scary but I’m so proud of myself for doing them and I thought you’d love to see them 🙂 Also, I’ll let you in on a little secret…I had my oldest

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