How to…write a letter

The art of letter writing is fast becoming a lost art, at least handwritten letters. However it is certainly a skill I think we should all learn. I remember my Nana teaching me how to write a letter; where everything should go and where to put the stamp on an envelope and where and how…… Continue reading How to…write a letter

UK Indie Lit Fest 2017

I have exciting things to tell you about, so get settled and listen up… On August the 26th 2017 there will be an incredible, free, festival taking place in Bradford and I urge you all to not miss it. Come and join us 🙂 UK Indie Lit Fest is only in its second year but…… Continue reading UK Indie Lit Fest 2017

You’ve Got Mail

It’s an interesting turn of events when your crazy ex-landlord appears unexpectedly at the door of your new home, two years after you left her house in the hope of never seeing her face again. I sometimes wonder how the minds of others work… who am I kidding? I wonder this every day, at least…… Continue reading You’ve Got Mail

My biggest goal

    My biggest goal is to become self employed, my own boss, own rules. Writing my way through life. My blog and my books are my source of income and a bloody good income too. That is my 5 – 10 year goal. It’s definitely achievable, it’s just going to be bloody hard work…… Continue reading My biggest goal

My hobbies

I have lots of hobbies, I like singing, reading, writing, walking. I would describe myself as a creative. I always have a thousand ideas whizzing around my head at any given time. I find writing is an excellent way to convey these ideas so they aren’t clogging my head up every day. It’s very distracting…… Continue reading My hobbies

Week One done!

  We’re already an entire week in to May. Which can mean only one thing. My first challenge of this month is over. I had decided to get up at 6 a.m for a week just to see if I could and to see if I could benefit from this in any way. My first…… Continue reading Week One done!

May’s Challenge!

    Can I go back to my Ab Challenge now please? I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I take it back! This months challenge, well at least part of it, is to get up at 6 a.m for one whole week. Sunday to Sunday. Yes Sunday 😦 I didn’t realise at the time that it would…… Continue reading May’s Challenge!